Here at Daylight Donuts, we have ton's of specials ranging from our donuts to our beautiful merchandise!

We have two donut preset dozen prices. The first is called the Daylight Dozen ($9)and this consists of any of our regular donuts, basically any of our round donuts with holes.  The second preset price for a dozen is the House Mix Dozen ($11). This includes four of our Rolls, four Fancies, and four regular donuts.

We are pleased to announce our Daylight Mugs! Our 22 ounce cup is just $4.99 and our 34 ounce cup is $5.99. In addition to being stylish, $1.00 coffee refills are included!
We also offer a ready made box of coffee to go for $15. Now you have coffee for your office at last!

Our shirts are not only a hit, but very comfortable too! We have sizes from Small to Extra Extra Large.  We currently have two different shirts we sell. Come in and support your favorite donut shop!
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