Donuts ($.94)
Classic Glazed~ Our most popular raised!
Chocolate Iced, White Iced, Maple 
Iced, Orange Iced, Strawberry Iced, 
More varieties to come!
Plain Cake ~ Nothing plain about this main 
Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar ~
Classics made better by our cake!
Iced: Chocolate, White, Maple, Orange,
Maple, Strawberry
Sprinkles: Found on White or Chocolate Iced.
Sprinkles vary per season/
Daylight blue and yellow,rainbow dots, 
dinosaurs, halloween/Christmas/
autumn, coconut/toasted coconut, 
peanuts, and more!
Blueberry ~ Our #1 best-seller!
Strawberry ~ White and Chocolate Iced
Double Chocolate ~ "Dub Choc"
Triple Chocolate ~ "Trip Choc"
Apple ~ Apple spice, Caramel Apple with or with Nuts
Old Fashioned ~ Many names, just delicious!
Glazed, Chocolate, White, Maple, 
Cinnamon Sugar, and more to come!
Sour Cream ~ Delicious!
Seasonal Donuts vary in availability

Fancies ($1.15)
Iced Long Johns ~ Chocolate, White, Maple
Filled Bismarks ~ Bavarian (pudding),
         White Cream, Black Raspberry Jelly
Twists ~ Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar

    Rolls ($1.35)
Fried Cinnamon Rolls
Pinecones ~ A cinnamon roll cut and fried to 
Bear Claws ~ Layer of cinnamon in these 
best sellers!
Apple fritters

   Gourmet (1.60)
Maple Bacon Longjohn ~ Its Maple and Bacon, enough said!

  Hot Stuff ($2.25)
Sausage Rolls ~ A cheddarwurst wrapped 
deliciously in our sweet dough

           Specialties ($2.00)
Fried Pies ~ Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, and 
Peach. One for everybody!
Donut Holes ~ 1 dozen Cinnamon Sugar or 
Glazed. Ready to be enjoyed!

Brewed Coffee and Hot Tea ~
S $1.15/M $1.35/L $1.55
Ready-Made Boxed Coffee ~ $15
Coffee varieties include Daylight Donuts 
Signature, Dark, and Decaf Roast
Hot Tea varieties from Stash Premium Teas ~
Earl Gray, English Breakfast, Orange
Spice, Peppermint, Premium Green, 
and Chamomile
Juice ~ $1.25 (Apple or Orange)
Milk (2% or Chocolate) $1
Bottled Water ~ $1.25
Bottled Tea ~ $1.65
Iced Coffee ~ $1.65 * seasonal

Espresso Drinks
Small Med  Large
Americano 2.10 2.60 2.85
Caffe` Latte`* 2.79 3.29 3.79
Latte with flavor * 2.99 3.49 3.99
Cappuccino 2.79 3.29 3.79
Cappuccino with flavor 2.99 3.29 3.99
Mocha 2.99 3.49 3.99
Flavored Steamer 2.79 3.29 3.79
Chocolate Cream Cap 3.29 3.79 4.29
White Chocolate Cherry 3.29 3.79 4.29
Bearclatte 3.29 3.79 4.29
Chai Tea Latte 2.49 2.99 3.49
Frozen Frappe 3.99
Espresso (two shots) 1.75

Flavors available~French Vanilla, Hazelnut,  Brown Sugar, Chocolate Mint, Apple, Cherry, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Ghiradelli White Chocolate, Ghiradelli Caramel
Sugar Free~ French Vanilla, Caramel

* Available Iced or Regular

Dozen Mix
Daylight Donut Dozen ~ $9 picked from 
any round donut with a hole
House Mix ~ $11 four Rolls, four Fancies, 
four Regular Donuts

           Non-Edible Items
Various T-Shirts ~ $12.99 per (S - XXL)
Support your favorite Donut Shop!
Hats ~ $9.99
Signature Mugs ~
22 oz $4.99/34 oz $5.99
Coffee refills in Mugs only $1.00!

  Weekend Only Donuts
Chocolate Raised ~ Classic Glazed, 
Chocolate Iced Long John, Chocolate 
Iced white cream
Tiger Tail ~ Chocolate and regular raised 
dough twisted delightfully together
Chocolate Cherry fritters
Baked Rolls ~ Original Pecan

Special Request donuts can be available with notice. Any and all creative ideas welcome!

Our Donuts are also sold at the BP both in Single and Dozen prices.

Order's more than 2 dozen, please call at least 24 hours in advance or call early for just a few.

Please note that all donuts are subject to availibility to maintain freshness!

We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
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